Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Application Procedure 2016.pdf
Rules & Regulations
Pre-approval required for all bookings.
You need to be pre-approved before proceeding with your
exhibition booking.
Telephone Number: +27 31 514 0500
Court Name Location Size in m2 Virtual Tour
Expo Xplore Court Opposite Sportsmans Warehouse, Factorie and Mr Price Sport 324
Promo Zone Near Ster-Kinekor Booking Office & Food Court 144
Garden Court Opposite Customer Service Desk 50
South Court Opposite Game 50
Kings Court 2 First floor in front of @Home Living Space 50
Carnaby Court Opposite Col’Cacchio Restaurant 30
Convenience Court Opposite SuperSpar (lower ground) 30
Gatsby Court 2 Opposite Truworths and Browns 28
Cavendish Court Opposite Truworths & Circus Circus Restaurant 25
Fashion 2 Opposite Foschini (Between 2 Palm Trees) 25
Gatsby 1 Opposite Truworths and Afrokwasi 20
Kings Court 1 First Floor opposite Incredible connection & Bata 20
The Boardwalk 2 Above Customer Service Desk (First Floor) 20
Palm Court 1 In front of the Urn Fountain Outdoors by the restaurants 16
Palm Court 2 Between the Lighting Towers, Surrounded by our Palm Court restaurants 16
Starlight Fountain court Opposite Spitz Garden North Opposite Col’Cacchio / Hugo Boss up against the escalators 15
Covent Gardens Opposite Miladys 15
Table Top Court Between the lift and pillar at the Table top Fountain- near Edgars 12
Incredible Connection Court Opposite Incredible Connection 28