Gateway Theatre of Shopping

Gateway VIP

WHAT is Gateway VIP & WHY must I join?

Gateway VIP is a loyalty and rewards programme, launched specifically to meet your needs as our valued shopper. By joining you will have access to specials specifically tailored to your needs. You will have access to exclusive tickets to events/concerts and unique discounts and competitions.

If that wasn’t enough, Gateway is bringing Gateway VIP to you through our brand new Mobile App. For more info on the Gateway VIP App, click here to watch this amazing video or search Gateway VIP Mobile App on YouTube.

All in all, Gateway VIP offers you, our loyal customers, a shopping experience tailored to your needs and interests, rewarding you for your loyalty and feedback.

WHERE do I sign up?

Signing up to Gateway VIP couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is download the Gateway VIP Mobile App from your App Store and sign up following the easy steps provided. The Gateway VIP App is compatible with Android and Apple devices.

  • Click here to download the Gateway VIP App for Apple devices.
  • To download the Gateway VIP App on your Android device please click here.
  • If you would like to download the web version of the Gateway VIP App for your BlackBerry device, please visit the following site:

Once you have downloaded the Gateway VIP Mobile App, please verify your account at the designated Gateway VIP kiosks next to the Information Desk.

If you do not have a Smartphone, or prefer not to sign up via the Mobile App, register using your cellphone number at the Gateway VIP loyalty kiosks next to our Information Desk.

HOW do I earn points?

Gateway offers a number of platforms for you to earn VIP points. Each time you visit Gateway Theatre of Shopping, scan your QR code (accessible from your Mobile APP) or login to the system at the Gateway VIP loyalty kiosks using your cellphone number and password.

You can also earn points by connecting to the centre’s Wi-Fi using the Gateway VIP Mobile App.

HOW do I burn points?

After collecting points, burn them as you please by redeeming any of the special offers or use them to enter competitions made available to you via the Mobile APP or Gateway VIP loyalty kiosks. Once you have selected the voucher desired, a coupon will be sent to you via SMS. Use this coupon to redeem the voucher in store.

Please note that certain offers may have special terms and conditions relating to their redemption. By redeeming these specials, you are accepting the terms and conditions.

For more information please email or call 031 514 0500.