7 THINGS TO DO AT GATEWAY during the school holidays

Have enough beach sand in your cozzie to build your own ‘Olaf the Sandman’? Nothing good left to watch on Box Office? Running out of new content for the ‘gram?

It’s that time during the school holidays where the phrase “I’m bored” is being thrown around more often than the word ‘hectic’ at a South African braai.
Well not to fear, we’ve got your covered! Read on to find out how you can keep yourself and the fam entertained at Gateway!


1. be.Up Park

Feeling adventurous? We have just the thing – and it’s ideal for people of all ages! Whether you feel like bouncing, climbing, hanging, swinging or sliding, be.Up Park ensures a fun and safe experience.

You can find them to the left of Food Republic (our new Food Court), on the 4th floor, below Ster-Kinekor.
Website: https://beuppark.co.za


2. Funtubbles

The recently revamped indoor funfair, Funtubbles, is the perfect place to take your kids come rain or shine, with rides and attractions especially chosen to keep you
and your family happily entertained for hours. After a visit we guarantee an early night for any sleep deprived parents out there! 😉

You can find them to the right of Food Republic, on the 4th floor, below Ster-Kinekor.
Website: https://mrfuntubbles.co.za


3. S.O.C.A (Sport on Court Africa)

Enjoy the sun and outdoor air while getting the blood pumping! Get together with some mates, colleagues or family, book a court, and have some healthy fun kicking the ball around!

You can find them by the open area outside Food Republic, on the 4th floor, below Ster-Kinekor.
Website: http://www.sportoncourt.africa


4. Durban Dessert Festival

What’s a holiday without over-indulging in all things sweet? And what better place to do so than at Durban’s ultimate sweet tooth paradise! There will be over 25 dessert stands, a cupcake competition, food demos and live music. You don’t want to miss this!

You can find the festival opposite the East Coast Radio House, at Parkade G, Level P3
Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/durbandessertfestival/


5. Electric Avenue – an oldie but a goldie.

While Electric Avenue has become the keeper of many childhood memories, it’s seen a lot of exciting changes, making it the ultimate Entertainment Centre for people of all ages. It’s literally so ultimate that it’s even going to need sub-headings.

Action Bowling
Need we say more? The answer is no. Everybody loves bowling.



Arcade Games
Let’s be real, arcades provide a nostalgic, retro experience that no Playstation or xBox can imitate. Whether you want to bond with your younger cousin, host a fun family competition or go on a vintage-style date, arcades are always a…slam-dunk. 😉


The Vortex
Honestly, we really don’t know how to describe it. The Vortex is one of those things you simply need to experience for yourself, trust us.


Find Electric Avenue on the left side of the Entrance into Food Republic (4th floor, below Ster-Kinekor), adjacent to Sweet Central.
Website: http://www.electric-avenue.co.za


6. The New Food Court

Whether you want to have lunch with the family or work on your laptop, the new food court provides the ideal setting. It’s flooded with natural light, has a captivating view of the millennium bridge and is complete with charging stations – not to mention that there is a wide choice of food and drink only meters away in every direction. Heaven is?

Find Food Republic on the 4th floor, below Ster-Kinekor


7. Ster-Kinekor, IMAX Theatre & Cinema Nouveau

Because nothing beats watching a film on the big screen, in a dark room with movie popcorn. Whether you’re looking to watch a superhero blockbuster in 3D, such as the recently released Captain Marvel, or a period film in our Cinema Nouveau theatres, Gateway has it all.

What’s more, our cinemas run on generators! We refuse to let load shedding come between you and your movie date 😉

Some recently released films:

If the above options don’t grab your attention, you can’t go wrong with good ol’ fashioned retail therapy, during which you can refuel at one of our 70+ eateries!
As you can see, there’s no reason to be bored during the holidays! It’s just a matter of getting yourself to Gateway 🙂


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