Gateway’s Brand New Food and Entertainment Court

Think Food, think Family, think Entertainment… Think Gateway Food Republic.

In case you haven’t heard, Gateway’s much anticipated new food court is now in full operation!

Located on the second floor underneath Ster-Kinekor cinemas, this spacious and state-of-the-art food court opens out before a captivating view of the Millennium Bridge. Its high ceilings and glass walls flood the area with natural light, exuding a chic aesthetic and peaceful ambiance.

However, what makes Food Republic unique isn’t simply its luxurious setting. No longer do you have to be Ryan Gosling in The Notebook asking Rachel McAdams: “WHAT DO YOU WANT?”

Because at Food Republic, there’s something for everyone: from pizza, to burgers, fish, chips, ice-cream, salads… Everyone can eat exactly what they want, and then enjoy it at the same dining table, or perhaps on one of Food Republic’s inviting couches.

If you don’t have a Rachel McAdams in your life (#relate #foreveralone), or you’re just looking for an atmospheric spot to study, work or update the gram, Food Republic’s working stations (complete with bar stools, plug points and window views) are ideal for productivity.

At Food Republic there isn’t only something for everyone in terms of food, but also entertainment. Funtubbles provides the perfect playground for the little ones, but not to worry grown-ups 😉

be.UP Park offers enough adventure to get any heart, big or  small, racing with adrenaline! And afterwards, Electric Avenue is right around the corner for some retro arcade fun 😉 What does Food Republic have to offer you ask?

The real question is…what doesn’t Food Republic offer?

We can tell you a lot about Food Republic, but the truth is, it’s an experience. So instead of thinking about Food, Family and Entertainment, go there.



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