Gateway Lights Up a Festive Fantasy this Holiday Season!

Gateway is turning on the dazzle this festive season with a bouquet of unique experiences that bring families and friends together, making special holiday memories and shopping a pleasure. By mid-November, the mall will be transformed into a holiday light experience not to be missed! With spectacular attractions stretching the length of the mall, visitors can join the holiday light experience at any point and follow the fun from station to station. Starting with a giant gift box outside @home, the installations are built on a grand scale and have a playful edge. The intention is to create beautiful festive scenes to be used as backdrops to capture memorable moments over the holidays.

Visitors can rock around the Christmas Tree outside Ted Baker, on a beautiful rocking horse, or snuggle up close with your loved ones on the colour-changing love seat outside Steve Madden. The Palm Court is always a buzz over the festive season. It is ideal for relaxing over a meal and enjoying summer outdoors. In addition to the Lighthouse & Ocean Play area, there’s also a special feature of our holiday light experience set up featuring a suspended swing which is picture perfect with its bench seat and twinkling fairy lights. Santa will have his own village in the Expo Explore area at the opposite end of the mall (outside Sportsman’s Warehouse), with plenty to see and do.

But his pride and joy is the virtual sleigh ride! Technology is amazing as you can hop on the sleigh and feel the sensations of soaring around the world.

The Virtual Sleigh Ride will be operating from 3 – 24 December.


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