Only a few days left!

School and varsity vacations are the absolute best…until they become the worst.

At the beginning, each day ahead seems to be filled with so much potential and possibility. But eventually you’ve collected enough beach sand in your cozzie to build your own ‘Olaf the sandman’, and there’s simply nothing left to watch on Box Office.

Gateway has taken it upon itself to make sure that your last few days of holiday are well spent (and that no smug visitor to the province will ever again be allowed the courtesy of saying, ‘there’s nothing to do in Durban’).

Let’s do this in list form shall we?


5 THINGS TO DO AT GATEWAY for the last few days of holiday

1. Electric Avenue – an oldie but a goldie.

While Electric Avenue has become the keeper of many childhood memories, it’s seen a lot of exciting changes, making it the ultimate Entertainment Centre for people of all ages. It’s literally so ultimate that it’s even going to need sub-headings.

Action Bowling

Need we say more? The answer is no. Everybody loves bowling. But we will, because you should also know that the music played there is so great you can’t help but dance to it (we promise not to judge you for this) Use of lane bumpers are optional (no promises for this one).

Arcade Games

Let’s be real, arcades provide a nostalgic, retro experience that no Playstation or xBox can imitate. Whether you want to bond with your younger cousin, host a fun family competition or go on a vintage-style date, arcades are always a…slam-dunk. 😉

The Vortex

Honestly, we really don’t know how to describe it.

The Vortex is one of those things you simply need to experience for yourself, trust us.




2. The New Food Court

Flooded with natural light, thanks to its high ceilings and glass wall, the new food court exudes a peaceful and serene ambiance. Complete with charging stations and a captivating view of the millennium bridge, the revamped food court is more than a cluster of delicious, varied food options – it’s a setting.

Whether you want to have lunch with the family, write on your laptop, blog, update the ‘gram or work on an upcoming assignment (lol k), the new food court provides the ideal setting, as well as a wide choice of food and drinks which are only meters away in every direction. Heaven is?


3. Wavepark (*it’s not all water*)

What better way to take advantage of Durban’s practically nonexistent winter than with supertubes (including SA’s biggest -180 metres of pure vertical adrenaline) and flowriders (endless perfect waves? Umm ‘yes please’ on behalf of surfers/boogie-boarders everywhere). And if you’re babysitting or spending the day with little ones, guess what, it’s still an option! Not only does the Wavepark have fun, child-friendly inflatable rides, but there is also a safe, soft and supervised toddler zone. Big brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, mamas, papas – we gotchu.

If you’re still not convinced, at the entrance of the Wavepark is Tap and Board, a modern foodie hangout where you have a selection of craft style food and drinks, including craft beers, G&T and wine on tap…perhaps we should have opened with this.
Need we even mention that there’s also a milkshake and waffle bar… (we were going to add ‘for the kids’, but let’s all be honest here…).

4. Ster-Kinekor, IMAX Theatre & Cinema Nouveau

When you’re watching a movie at home, you’re watching a movie.

When you go to Gateway to watch a movie, you experience a film, you’re immersed in a story – whether that story is a superhero blockbuster film, or an artsy rendition of a Jane Austen novel.

Going to the movies is timeless. Luckily, Gateway’s variety of films and screening options is endless.






5. Space Maze & Funtubbles

We’ve combined Space Maze and Funtubbles because they’re both ideal for children.

Space Maze

Don’t you wish that when you were younger you could’ve explored the universe in a child-friendly and fun environment? Say…via an indoor, inflatable maze? Well lucky for you, it’s open to people of all ages (although children between 4 and 12 seem to get the most fun out of it). Give your children, cousins or siblings the memorable opportunity to learn about the universe by doing, seeing, touching and exploring.
Afterwards, we’re certain they’ll ace the upcoming ‘build-a-solar-system’ assignment.

You can get your tickets at https://tickets.tixsa.co.za/event/space-maze-
And be sure to hurry, this pop-up activation ends on Sunday the 15th of July!






The recently revamped Funtubbles is open for business! This indoor funfair is the perfect place to take your kids come rain or shine, with rides and attractions especially chosen to keep you and your family happily entertained for hours.

After a visit we guarantee an early night for any sleep deprived parents out there!


So there you have it! Now you can confidently tell all your friends from out of town that there are certainly plenty of activities to do in Durban, all you have to do is get to Gateway. 🙂


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