Stretch Your Mind at The World of Illusions

Sometimes the mind plays tricks on the eyes and sometimes it’s the eyes that play tricks on the mind!

Visitors to the World of Illusions – prepare to question the very fabric of reality and to have your senses warped!

Gateway Theatre of Shopping invites you to enjoy a meticulous installation of six ‘rooms’ which feature insane optical illusions to completely confuse and bewilder (in the best possible way) all who step inside and capture the moment. It’s a shape-shifting, mind-bending experience for families and friends to have fun, take photos and scratch their heads in disbelief at what their photos reveal.

Tricks of the mind have enamoured and intrigued even the brightest amongst us since the earliest centuries. Aristotle and Plato wrote famously about influences of the mind, environment, senses, and assumptions on what appeared to be real but was simply a fabrication of the mind. Artists, architects, and entertainers have been playing with perspectives ever since, dazzling with the art of perception and persuasion.

The installation is situated in the Promo Zone on the Cinema Level of Gateway (Level 2) and will be open till the end of the year – with different themes planned every few weeks for visitors’ enjoyment!

Share the fun and blow your friends’ minds too!


  • Covid-19 protocols have been implemented.
  • Social distancing is to be observed, and masks worn at all times.
  • The area is open during trading hours
  • Installation is located on the Cinema level
  • Free entrance
  • Please queue responsibly and give other visitors time to take their own photographs.




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