The wildly popular mind-boggling World of Illusions is now dressed up in its bright, bold holiday best! The festive edition is only up over the holidays, so be quick to snap and share your unbelievable pics.

Six themed rooms play on incredible optical illusions that will make you wonder whether what you’re seeing is actually real. An at-a-glance guide at each scenario shows visitors where to stand and how to pose for the perfect optical illusion pics. It’s something you need to experience for yourself but to give you a few hints here is a sneak peak into the six rooms.

Upside Down Room – Stand on the ceiling and reach up (down) to the floor in Santa’s crazy lounge.
Gift Box Vortex – Join the swirling whirling twirl of presents in the vortex room. Just be careful not to disappear.
Ames Room – Big becomes small, short becomes tall! Seeing is believing in the shape shifting Ames Room.
Infinity Room – It’s selfie heaven in the dazzling Infinity Room, surrounded by bright lights and endless selfies.
Snow Globe Room – Is a seasonal newcomer to the Festive World of Illusions. Does this look impossible? Come and see how we got (xxx) inside the globe – and you can get in too 😊!
Beuchet Chair Room – Your mind will lead you astray with false assumptions that aren’t supported by reality. When you get into this room, you’ll see that there is more to that chair than first meets the eye.

Know Before You Go

  • Entrance: Free Entry
  • How long is the Festive Experience up for: 15 Nov 2021 – 9 Jan 2022
  • Opening hours: Gateway Theatre of Shopping trading hours, including extended trading hours when the mall is open until 9pm and 10pm. Please check here for daily details.
  • Location: On the Cinema level at the top of the escalators by Starbucks.
  • Time required: Flexible, but allow for at least 5 minutes for each room.
  • Bring: Friends and your smartphone for pics + some festive cheer.


Do I need to understand the science behind each illusion to appreciate it?

Not at all. We hope The World of Illusions sparks inquisitiveness, especially in kids, but at each room you will find an at-a-glance guide. This guide explains how to make the most of each illusion.


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